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PicIDProduct AvailablePrice €
411+GF reducing bush PVC glued 21.90.03 50-40 mm 41,95 pcs
412+GF socket equal PVC glued 21.91.01 50 mm 32,45 pcs
413+GF socket equal PVC glued 21.91.01 32 mm 161,35 pcs
414+GF socket equal PVC glued 32 mm 41,35 pcs
415+GF socket equal PVC glued 21.91.01 25 mm 71,25 pcs
416+GF angle 90° PVC glued 21.10.01 32 mm 111,70 pcs
417+GF union PVC glued 21.51.01 50 mm 913,40 pcs
418+GF union PVC glued 21.51.01 40 mm 18,90 pcs
419+GF union PVC glued 21.51.01 25 mm 85,50 pcs
420+GF reduction long PVC glued 21.91.09 50-20 mm 72,80 pcs
421socket reducing PVC glued 50-32 mm 42,80 pcs
422+GF container joint PVC glued 32 mm tube, assembly hole 46 mm 256,50 pcs
423+GF container joint PVC glued 25 mm without gasket 121,90 pcs
424+GF hose nozzle PVC glued 21.96.04 40-40 mm 83,00 pcs
425+GF bush equal PVC threaded/glued 21.91.07 1¼” - 32 mm 42,45 pcs
426+GF hexacon nipple PVC 21.91.19 1” 43,20 pcs
427PVC-ejector Fisher&Porter 1” 1172,70 pcs
428Row hose bracket 10-sector 6mm hose 161,65 pcs
430lead gasket 2x10x20mm 250,65 pcs
No pic430bNylo-Seal and Poly-Flo, latter part of codes: Conduit x NPT 02=1/8”, 04=1/4, 05=5/16, 06=3/8, ---
431Nylo-Seal male run Tee 271-N-06x04 224,45 pcs
432Nylo-Seal male elbow 269-N-06x04 22,60 pcs
433Nylo-Seal male connector 268-N-04x04 41,75 pcs
434Nylo-Seal male branch Tee 272-N-04x04 53,40 pcs
435Nylo-Seal male run Tee 271-N-04x04 83,40 pcs
436Nylo-Seal male branch Tee 272-N-04x02 32,60 pcs
437Nylo-Seal male run Tee 271-N-04x02 22,60 pcs
438pneum. terminal block Weidmüller SV2, 1/4” 52,65 pcs
439Poly-Flo male elbow 269-P-04x06 403,55 pcs
440Poly-Flo male connector 268-P-04x06 303,25 pcs
441reducer brass R1/4” x R3/8” 311,50 pcs
442male connector Mecman, 6mm conduit, R1/4” 221,45 pcs
443male elbow Mecman, 6mm conduit, R1/8” 112,80 pcs
444Male Tee connector Mecman, 6mm conduit, R1/8” 154,10 pcs
445Straight join connector Mecman, 8mm conduit 132,80 pcs
447Saunders membrane valve 3/4” cast iron 1130,80 pcs
448Saunders membrane valve 1/2” stainless steel 185,70 pcs