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PicIDProduct AvailablePrice €
109Cable gland PK 29 metal 308,60 pcs
110Cable gland PK 16 metal 173,00 pcs
111Cable gland PK 13,5 metal 92,60 pcs
112Cable gland PK 11 metal 402,50 pcs
113Strain relief nut PK 21 metal 43,30 pcs
114Strain relief nut PK 16 metal 122,00 pcs
115Strain relief nut PK 13,5 metal 581,65 pcs
116Strain relief nut PK 11 metal 171,35 pcs
117Conduit gland PK 21 metal 76,60 pcs
118Conduit gland PK 16 metal 113,65 pcs
119Conduit gland PK 11 metal 193,00 pcs
120Sealing conduit gland PK 13,5 metal 374,00 pcs
121Armous conduit gland PK 16 metal 224,65 pcs
122Reducer PK 29 -> 16 metal 126,20 pcs
123Reducer PK 16 -> 11 metal 321,35 pcs
124Reducer PK 13,5 -> 11 metal 261,25 pcs
125Enlarger PK 11 -> 16 metal 332,10 pcs
126Enlarger PK 13,5 -> 16 metal 651,75 pcs
128Plug PK 13,5 metal 451,10 pcs
130Counter nut PK 29 metal 301,35 pcs
131Counter nut PK 21 metal 121,00 pcs
132Counter nut PK 16 metal 760,47 pcs
133Counter nut PK 13,5 metal 500,40 pcs
134Counter nut PK 11 metal 1640,39 pcs
136Cable gland nut PK 29 plastic 71,20 pcs
137Cable gland nut PK 21 plastic 640,80 pcs
138Cable gland nut PK 16 plastic 470,65 pcs
139Cable gland nut PK 13,5 plastic 420,55 pcs
147Wieland 6-pole enclosed connector pair 70.320/350.0628 526,60 pcs
148Wieland 10-pole enclosed connector pair 70.330/350.1028 634,50 pcs
485Limit switch Bernstein ENM-SU1 AV IP65 418,60 pcs
486Safety rope switch Bernstein SID-UV1 IP65 135,20 pcs
487aRotating switch unit GE CR115E421102, 2 switches, angle gear 20:1 1146,10 pcs
489aPipe terminal 17 mm 2000,08 pcs
489bPipe terminal 19 mm 300,07 pcs
489cPipe terminal 23 mm 300,11 pcs
490aMembrane seal threaded Pg9 800,42 pcs
490bMembrane seal threaded Pg11 900,42 pcs
491Membrane seal plastic for 20 mm hole 1500,10 pcs
492aCable gland plastic Pg9 300,55 pcs
492bCable gland plastic Pg11 300,55 pcs
492cCable gland plastic Pg13,5 300,60 pcs
493aCounter nut plastic Pg9 300,20 pcs
493bCounter nut plastic Pg11 300,20 pcs
493cCounter nut plastic Pg13,5 150,20 pcs
No pic509Aluminium luminaire suspension rail and cable shelf equipment ---
517Alum. rail extension piece 52x120 102,20 pcs
519Alum. rail extension piece XYHJ 3304, 30x100 80,80 pcs
520Alum. rail ceiling bracket C, 80x40 201,35 pcs
521Alum. rail joint hinge XYHNS 2, 50x175 204,65 pcs
522bAlum. rail extension piece 50x160, responsible to XYHNJ71 262,40 pcs
522cAlum.160 mm shelf ceiling bracket XYHU 3152 410,00 pcs
522dAlum.160 mm shelf wall bracket XYHV 3152 18,00 pcs
524Aluminium pipe extension 16 mm 150,65 pcs
525Aluminium pipe extension 20 mm 550,65 pcs
526Aluminium pipe extension 25 mm 451,15 pcs
527Aluminium pipe extension 25 mm, screw locked 182,00 pcs
528Aluminium pipe extension 40 mm 152,15 pcs
529Aluminium pipe extension 40 mm, screw locked 34,00 pcs
532Alum. arc clamp Nokia XMFD 1246, 46 mm 204,60 pcs
533Alum. arc clamp Nokia XMFD 1446, 46 mm 224,60 pcs
535Alum. arc clamp Nokia XMFD 1422, 22 mm 93,05 pcs
No pic536Steel galvanized suspension rail and cable shelf equipment ---
544Galvan. rail extension piece 52x22x180, screw locked 1502,00 pcs
545Galvan. rail extension piece, hinged 52x22x225, screw locked 506,00 pcs
546Galvan. rail end piece 102,30 pcs
547Galvan. rail T-piece 210,00 pcs
548Galvan. rail star piece 24x195x195 RIKI 250 121,35 pcs
549Galvan. edge bracket (anchor type) 102,15 pcs
550Galvan. rail C-nut M6 500,55 pcs
551Galvan. rail C-nut M10 150,55 pcs
551bSquare nut and screw 20x30 M6 300,55 pcs
551cSupport rail nut 17x35 M6 200,33 pcs
551dSupport rail square nut and spring 30x30 M6 100,65 pcs
552Galvan. rail suspension bracket S-type 21,65 pcs
553Galvan. self hinged joint 38x300 RATA 202,65 pcs
554Galvan. shelf extension piece 38x200 RATA 500,95 pcs
555Galvan. shelf support rail 200 mm 103,30 pcs
556Galvan. shelf support rail 300 mm 54,00 pcs
557Galvan. shelf support rail 400 mm 54,65 pcs
558Galvan. arc clamp Sormat KK22, A=23, B=43 201,30 pcs
559Galvan. arc clamp Sormat KK26, A=27, B=52 1201,55 pcs
560Galvan. arc clamp Sormat KK34, A=35, B=59 1201,85 pcs