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PicIDProduct AvailablePrice €
325aThumbwheel switch EECO, 5-digit model ---
325bThumbwheel switch EECO 180002GF 1205,30 pcs
326aThumbwheel switch end plate, male 800,75 pcs
326bThumbwheel switch end plate, female 800,75 pcs
326cThumbwheel threaded bar M2 x 47mm, suits for 5-digit 2800,40 pcs
326dthumbwheel bar nut M2, tool jaw 4 mm 4400,20 pcs
326ethumbwheel bar screw plate M2 4400,13 pcs
327Card edge connector 25 pole, pitch 0.1" 1007,00 pcs
328Card edge connector 85 pole, pitch 0.1" 1521,60 pcs
329End holder for the card edge connector 300,40 pcs
330Led, red rectangular MV57124A 6960,27 pcs
331Thyristor TIC116D 400V 8A 4940,65 pcs
332Ribbon cable connecor 2x8-pole female, pitch 0.1" 1001,20 pcs
343Card quide 65mm 8-section 122,65 pcs
344Strain gage HBM LG11-10/120 710,00 pcs
352Card edge connector 32-pole male 571,00 pcs
353Power supply module Bulgin EPS 5/200 230/5VDC 533,20 pcs
388Terminal connector for printed circuit 8-pole x 5,08 mm 1851,35 pcs
389Modular panel mount terminal 59.900.2052.0 Wieland 9290 L 3001,00 pcs
405aRelay Guardian dimensions/mm ---
405Relay Guardian Electric 1315 A410-362626-12 12V 4 changeover contacts 6041,35 pcs
406Relay base Guardian Electric 1310-2PC solderable to printed circuit 5720,65 pcs
407Miniature pushbutton Nikkai KB15SKS1, square 14x14mm, hole 12mm, momentary 5502,65 pcs
408PCB adaptor Nikkai AT-701 6000,55 pcs
4107-segm. 1,5” LED big display Kingbright SA15-11EWA 2501,65 pcs
449Capacitor Bosch 10 uF 240VAC, DxL = 35x105 mm, cable 350 mm 255,30 pcs
450Capacitor Bosch 1 uF 240VAC, DxL = 25x50 mm 352,65 pcs
451Euro 1/2-connector Hirose PCN10-32S-2.54DS female 574,30 pcs
452Euro 1/2-connector Hirose PCN10A-32P-2.54DS male 563,65 pcs
453D-connector 9-pole 90° for printed circuit, metal framed, female 70,80 pcs
454D-connector 9-pole 90° for printed circuit, metal framed, male 150,80 pcs
455D-connector 9-pole straight for printed circuit, plastic framed, female 230,60 pcs
456D-connector 25-pole 90° for printed circuit, plastic framed, male 80,85 pcs
457D-connector 37-pole 90° for printed circuit, plastic framed, female 480,95 pcs
458D-connector 25-pole 90° for printed circuit, metal framed, female 21,10 pcs
459D-connector 15-pole straight for printed circuit, metal framed, male 230,85 pcs
460D-connector 25-pole straight for printed circuit, metal framed, male 141,00 pcs
461D-connector 25-pole straight for printed circuit, metal framed, female 51,00 pcs
462D-connector 25-pole straight solder lugs, metal framed, female 90,85 pcs
467D-connector, slidelock model ---
468D-connector slidelock 9-pin 140,80 pcs
469D-connector slidelock 15-pin 210,80 pcs
470D-connector slidelock 25-pin 70,80 pcs
471D-connector slidelock 37-pin 40,80 pcs
472D-connector locking post screw kit for the slidelock 800,40 pcs
473D-connector clip lock model ---
474D-connector clip lock 9-50-pin 201,00 pcs
475D-connector screw lock model ---
476D-connector screw lock 9-50-pin, pair 201,05 pcs
477D-connector screw locking post screw, pair 150,55 pcs
478D-connector backshell 15-pin angled outlet 240,40 pcs
479D-connector backshell 37-pin 40,65 pcs
480D-connector backshell 25-pin with lock screws 181,45 pcs
481D-connector backshell 15-pin with lock screws 41,35 pcs
482D-connector backshell 25-pin 31,35 pcs
494Relay Takamisawa LZ12H, solderable to printed circuit, 12V coil 405,30 pcs
580gCard handle Vero 21-0248D red 130,75 pcs
581Panel switch 1104 on-off-on snap-in, panel 14x30, mounting hole 12x28 801,35 pcs
582Rotating switch 12-as., D=19 152,00 pcs
582bRotating switch rod 3x54 110,33 pcs
585Mas-Con connector MLSS156-6-C 780,43 pcs
586aBanana plug 4 mm, solder 1000,65 pcs
586bBanana plug cover for solder type, black 700,20 pcs
586cBanana plug cover for solder type, blue 700,20 pcs
587aBanana plug 4 mm, runko-osa, screw joint 500,65 pcs
587bBanana plug cover for screw type, black 1200,20 pcs
587cBanana plug cover for screw type, blue 190,20 pcs
588aTest socket 4 mm, isolated black 1000,80 pcs
588bTest socket 4 mm, isolated blue 1000,80 pcs
588cTest socket 4 mm, isolated red 350,80 pcs
589Nut socket 4 mm, eisolated, knob 15 mm, black 1101,65 pcs
590Ribbon cable idc connector DIP28 221,65 pcs
591Ribbon cable idc connector DIP14 121,00 pcs
592Ribbon cable idc connector 10-pole 500,80 pcs
593Printed circuit part for ribbon cable connector 10-pin 401,35 pcs
594Printed circuit part for ribbon cable connector 20-pin 231,65 pcs
5953,5 mm stereo jack connector plastic, solderable 500,80 pcs
5963,5 mm stereo jack connector metal, solderable, with nut 601,60 pcs
597DC-connector plastic, inner d=2,5 mm, outer d=max 6mm 550,65 pcs
598DC-connector metal, inner d=2,5 mm, outer d = max 6mm, nut included. 100,65 pcs
599Electromechanical counter Sodeco ET 055 24VDC, 7-digit 339,90 pcs
600Electromechanical counter Crouzet 87.660 24VDC, 5-digit 419,90 pcs
601Tube terminal Elpress KRF16-14 (16mm2, d=14) 400,80 pcs
602aIsolated round plug Elpress A1504HA 1,5 mm2 3000,11 pcs
602bIsolated round socket Elpress A1504HO 1,5 mm2 3000,15 pcs