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PicIDProduct AvailablePrice €
5Telemecanique enclosure XAL-B02 for buttons 83,90 pcs
7Telemecanique emergency stop button ZA2BS 1.4 1326,60 pcs
11Telemecanique pilot light body XAL V6 104,95 pcs
12Telemecanique pilot light bulb ZA2BV043 red, plastic 123,00 pcs
13Telemecanique pilot light bulb ZB2BV05 yellow, metal 93,00 pcs
No pic14Telemecanique pilot light bulb ZB2BV053 yellow, plastic 33,00 pcs
15Telemecanique pilot light bulb ZB2BV04 red, metal 83,00 pcs
16Telemecanique light body + lamp 24V ZB2BV6 34,10 pcs
17Telemecanique pushbutton ZB2 BA4 13,30 pcs
18Telemecanique pushbutton ZB2 BA2 13,30 pcs
19Telemecanique latching pushbutton ZB2-BS54 115,30 pcs
20Telemecanique assembly base 123,30 pcs
21Telemecanique selector switch head ZB2-BD5 1-0-2 momentary 06,60 pcs
22Telemecanique selector switch ZB2-BD3 1-0-2 06,60 pcs
24Telemecanique contact block ZB2-BE101 -4,85 pcs
No pic25Telemecanique contact block with assembly ZB2-BE101 -8,00 pcs
No pic26Telemecanique rubber gasket for pushbuttons 190,65 pcs
30Telemecanique encosed emergency stop XAL-J174 826,60 pcs
37Telemecanique overcurrent limiter GV1-L1 739,90 pcs
38Telemecanique time delay block LA2D22A65, 0,1-30s 243,80 pcs
40Telemecanique contactor coil LX1-D09 240 116,60 pcs
41Telemecanique contactor coil LX1-D09 220 216,60 pcs
42Telemecanique contactor aux contact LA1-D20-A65 36,00 pcs
43Telemecanique contactor aux contact LA1-D11-A65 36,00 pcs
45Electromatic S-system SA 145 220 delay-on 0,5-10h 166,40 pcs
47Electromatic S-system ST 115 220, temperature relay 60-120°C for ETR 173,10 pcs
48Electromatic S-system SB 125 220 delay-off relay 0,15-3s 166,40 pcs
49Electromatic S-system SC 105 724 recycler symm. 3-60s 166,40 pcs
50iRhomberg current monitor SP101/220VAC-SP, 0-20mA 1199,30 pcs
53Relay socket 11-pin Eldon 808,00 pcs
54Relay socket 11-pin Kuhnke Z345 69,30 pcs
No pic55Relay socket 8-pin 18,00 pcs
75Katko load break switch KU 340, for 5 mm shaft 128,40 pcs
77Katko door handle for 5-6 mm shaft 154,30 pcs
78Katko door handle coupling for 5-6 mm shaft 204,00 pcs
79Katko handle for 5-6 mm shaft, black 22,65 pcs
79bKatko handle for 5-6 mm shaft, red-yellow 12,65 pcs
80Shaft 6mm, length 210 mm, notch type 102,30 pcs
80bShaft 5mm, length 215 mm 112,30 pcs
80cShaft 6mm, length 50 mm 31,35 pcs
83SquareD handle set 9003 KBC1B 1213,30 pcs
84SquareD switch 1-pole 0-1 9003 K1B001U 1216,60 pcs
86Eldon relay 24VAC HR 3 TF 426,60 pcs
87KUHNKE relay 24V UF3 1226,60 pcs
88KUHNKE relay 220V UF3 226,60 pcs
89Omron relay MK3P5-S 426,60 pcs
152Sprecher + Schuh motor protector KTA 3-25, 0,4-0,63A 526,60 pcs
152bSprecher + Schuh motor protector KTA 3-25, 0,25-0,4A 126,60 pcs
152dSprecher + Schuh motor protector KTA 3-25, 1-1,6A 126,60 pcs
152eSprecher + Schuh motor protector KTA 3-25, 1,6-2,5A 126,60 pcs
153Sprecher + Schuh current limiter CL-PKZM1 133,20 pcs
154Sprecher + Schuh aux contact KT3-25-PA-11 25,30 pcs
155Sprecher + Schuh aux contact KT3-25 PE2-01 62,65 pcs
156Sprecher + Schuh aux contact KT3-25 PE1-01 102,65 pcs
174HOBUT panel meter 0-30A D72 422,90 pcs
175HOBUT panel meter 0-1mA D72 329,90 pcs
176HOBUT panel meter 0-100A/5A D72 122,80 pcs
177HOBUT panel meter 0-300V D72 122,90 pcs
178MW panel meter 0-15V 96 mm 213,30 pcs
179Panel frequency indicator 45-55 Hz enclosured 266,40 pcs
180Crompton panel meter 0-1mA 0-100% 96 mm 033,20 pcs
181Panel meter 48x96 SM-Komponentit DPr 96, 0-20mA, 0-100% 799,60 pcs
182Sälzer cam switch R212-61001-019M1 2826,60 pcs
183Sälzer cam switch R212-61301 926,60 pcs
188Sälzer cam switch R212-61351-019M1 429,90 pcs
193Strömberg DIN type hrc-fuse 63A size 00 35,70 pcs
194Strömberg DIN type hrc-fuse 35A size 1 112,80 pcs
195Strömberg DIN type hrc-fuse 100A size 1 112,40 pcs
196Strömberg DIN type hrc-fuse 200A size 1 612,40 pcs
197Strömberg DIN type hrc-fuse 250A size 1 112,40 pcs
198DIN type hrc-fuse 35A size 1 112,80 pcs
199DIN type hrc-fuse 80A size 00 25,70 pcs
200DIN type hrc-fuse 100A size 00 35,70 pcs
201Changing handle for DIN type hrc fuses 00-3 212,80 pcs
208Hager switch 380V 3x 32A N332 215,90 pcs
209Hager switch 250V 16A N116 on-off 106,20 pcs
210Hager switch 250V 16A N118 on-on 96,30 pcs
211Hager switch 250V 16A N119 on-off-on 46,60 pcs
212Hager pilot light 1W 250V N126 618,10 pcs
219Hager switch 380/415V 16A N216 48,70 pcs
232Fuseholder gauge piece 2-6A 81,00 pcs
233Fuseholder gauge piece 20A 101,00 pcs
234Fuseholder gauge piece 35A 721,55 pcs
235Fuseholder gauge piece 2A 301,00 pcs
231Fuseholder gauge piece 6A 21,00 pcs
236Fuseholder gauge piece 10A 70,95 pcs
237Fuseholder gauge piece 63A 31,55 pcs
238Fuseholder gauge piece 50A 131,55 pcs
244Plug fuse 35A 351,45 pcs
245Plug fuse 50A 191,90 pcs
246Plug fuse 16A 500,80 pcs
247Plug fuse 63A 72,00 pcs
249Benedict&Jäger, emergency stop button BS4P34 714,60 pcs
250B&J Button BS4D, red 53,30 pcs
251B&J illuminated button BS4DL, red 66,60 pcs
252B&J bulb B4RF red 42,65 pcs
253B&J bulb B4RF yellow 52,65 pcs
254B&J handle BS4KL2 clear 87,30 pcs
255B&J mounting part B4M 162,00 pcs
256B&J contact element B4T01 94,65 pcs
257B&J contact element B4T10 104,65 pcs
258B&J contact element B4T11 25,30 pcs
259B&J contact element B4T02 55,30 pcs
260B&J contact element B4T20 45,30 pcs
261Thermal relay B&J U12/16e, 4-6A 119,70 pcs
261bThermal relay B&J U12/16e, 0,27-0,4A 219,70 pcs
261cThermal relay B&J U12/16e, 0,6-0,9A 219,70 pcs
261dThermal relay B&J U12/16e, 1,2-1,8A 419,70 pcs
261eThermal relay B&J U12/16e, 1,8-2,7A 119,70 pcs
261fThermal relay B&J U12/16e, 6-9A 119,70 pcs
262Thermal relay B&J U12/16em, 0,6-0,9A, magn.quick tripping 521,30 pcs
263Thermal relay B&J U6u, 0,8-1,2A 1318,60 pcs
264Contactor B&J K2-60A00 299,60 pcs
265Contactor B&J K2-45A00 176,40 pcs
266Contactor B&J K2-23A10 247,50 pcs
267Contactor B&J K2-09A10 114,30 pcs
269Contactor B&J K2-16 125,60 pcs
270Contactor B&J K2-09A 114,30 pcs
272Thermal relay foot + screw terminal B&J U12SM 32,65 pcs
273Thermal relay screw terminal B&J U12SM 10,65 pcs
274Contactor mechanical interlock B&J 9345 46,60 pcs
275Contactor aux. contact block B&J HA10 55,80 pcs
276Contactor aux. contact block B&J HN10 105,80 pcs
277Contactor aux. contact block B&J HN01 95,80 pcs
285Contactor Strömberg OK0W01 216,90 pcs
286Contactor Strömberg OK0R40 1016,90 pcs
287Contactor aux. contact block Strömberg OKZA3 126,30 pcs
288Contactor mechanical interlock Strömberg OKZX1 171,35 pcs
292Contactor aux. contact block Klöckner Moeller 11 DIL M 16,30 pcs
295Asea motor protector DAG 0,7-1,2A 112,00 pcs
306Neutral busbar holder ONL2, Ohjaus-Sähkö Oy 201,00 pcs
309Ensto tapping block KE1 296,60 pcs
310Ensto terminal plate KF2 136,60 pcs
311Ensto round busbar connector KG4, Cu 50 mm², busbar max. 22mm 04,00 pcs
313Ensto neutral busbar holder PM58 250,22 pcs
314Ensto Transient connector terminal block KE32 Al/Cu 314,65 pcs
315Wöhner 3x busbar for 30 mm busbar 29,10 pcs
319Telemecanique terminal block AB1-VV435U 00,80 pcs
320Telemecanique terminal block separator plate AB1-AS2-4 00,85 pcs
321Telemecanique terminal block end plate AB1-AC10 100,85 pcs
322Telemecanique terminal block end plate AB1-AC2-4 300,50 pcs
392E10 incandescent lamp 30V 2W 1000,65 pcs
393E10 neon lamp 230V 1500,80 pcs
394Ba9s neon lamp 230V 300,80 pcs
395Ba9s incandescent lamp 24-30V 2W 1580,65 pcs
396T1 ¾ Mg6s/9 miniatyre incandescent lamp OL6047 28V 171,35 pcs
397T-6.8 telephone lamp, incandescent 30V 20mA 52,30 pcs
398T-6.8 telephone lamp,neon 230V hohtol. 21,20 pcs
No pic400T-5.5 telephone lamp 28V LED red 351,00 pcs
No pic401T-5.5 telephone lamp 28V LED green 141,00 pcs
No pic402T-5.5 telephone lamp 28V LED yellow 41,00 pcs
403T-5.5 / LED -adapter. Use normal 5 mm led for T-5.5 base 390,46 pcs
404LED panel mount indicator chrome yellow, DxL = 8x16, bezel D=10 226,60 pcs
409Relay interface terminal block Entrelec 00700221, 24V coil, LED-indication 434,00 pcs
604Rf adjust screwdriver Bernstein 1-153, isolated, 175x3, blade 2 mm 80,75 pcs
605Miniature circuit breaker Weber Unimat T11-211 240VAC 0,1A 132,65 pcs