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Wlan antenna 2.4 GHz Do-it-Yourself
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Antenna model #1
I think this is my best wlan antenna. More effective antenna may even increase the ETSI standards we have in Europe
Antenna model #2
Very easy construction waveguide type antenna
Helix antenna
A link to an australian page. I've built and tested. A circle polarized antenna is a good choice in private wlan networks. If used with horizontal or vertical antenna there becomes 3 dB extra loss.
Quad  antenna A simple double-quad antenna from
I've built but not included it to my comparison test.
Wlan Antenna Cabling 
Antenna cable and accessories
Comparison test
Comparison of the antennas.
Photos from antenna prototypes
Impedance Conversion
Impedance conversion method with the quarter wavelength microstrip
Wlan World Web

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