My First Computer

Osborne occ1
Marska with his very first computer

I bought  my Osborne in 1981 at price ~17000 FIM.
The flat cable goes up to a eprommer (myself done of cource).
I made Z80-based assembler programming with Microsoft Macro Assembler M80.
It was the time when Microsoft begun to develope first version of the Ms-Dos operating system to 8086 computers.
Those were the days !

Personal computer Osborne occ1

- worlds first portable computer !
- processor Zilog Z80, clock 4 MHz
- CP/M operating system
- 64 kbyte ram
- monitor 5" monochrome
- mass storage 2 x floppy 5¼" both 180 kb
- included software: WordStar and SuperCalc

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